Cape Town’s West Coast is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world. During the warmer months, international and local tourists flock to Cape Town to take advantage of our ideal wind conditions.

Sunset Beach, Dolphin Beach (5 minutes’ drive) and Kite Beach (5 minutes’ drive) are some of the most sought after beaches for kite surfing because of the prevailing South Easter wind. The long stretches of white sand beaches are ideal for arranging kiteboarding lines, with ample space for launching and landing.

Atlantic Beach Villa is a 3-minute walk to the beach, so most of our kitesurfing guests simply kit up at the guesthouse and then walk to the beach.

In the summer months, many kitesurfers can be seen surfing downwind races from Milnerton Beach (5 minutes’ drive) to Big Bay beach (10 minutes’ drive) where shuttle services – specifically catering to kite surfers – take them back to their cars.

For those guests wishing to learn to kite board, we can arrange lessons and kit rentals with our local Kitesurfing shop located right here in Sunset Beach.

What can be more idyllic than kiteboarding at Sunset Beach with uninterrupted views of Table Mountain in the background while the sun dips behind Robben Island at sunset? Enjoy an ice cold beer around the pool after your surf.